Monday, July 16, 2007

Jammin'/New Dubs on the wagon

Jammin' with Mama. Bridger prefers the 6 string over the ukelele.
Notice the pick in his hand. He is that serious.

After jammin', we stripped him for his bath.

But he still had a little fire in him. Notice the shirt being

We put new 17" dubs on the VW. Traci says it looks a bit ghetto.
I say it gives my 35 year old white arse instant street cred.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    We just need to add the hydrolics and drop it down a couple inches and add some light effects.

    I'm sure you have a 50 inch subwooffer in your garage somewhere that you can throw in there to really make that biatch rattle.

    Lastly, you probably already have this covered, but those hubcaps spin?

    Ayight...we out!

  2. Um, street cred? Nice try, not sure that works with such a bourgeoisie car.