Sunday, December 19, 2010

the amazing bridger french!!

videos!!!  you know you are excited!

bridger partook in a little holiday 1k race...the furthest he has ever run.  it was absolutely miserable outside and the whole event was poorly planned, but our guy didn't care...he ran it anyway.  i am not sure who is prouder, kyle or b?
the following video is what happens when you try to shoot a video, take pictures, watch a baby, while being completely overwhelmed with joy, pride and love: a huge mess!  hopefully, you will get a kick out of it anyway.  this clip is from B's all saints' christmas pageant.  things to keep an eye out for: b playing a mean trombone and the little lady in front of B, she is a born performer!

finally, the grand finale!  all grades pre-k through forth grade came together for the final performance.  kyle did a nice job with these and he was in the perfect spot (i am thinking he may have just earned himself the job of family cinematographer).  you can tell our little guy loves to perform (make sure you keep watching even after the cast is introduced).  he asked me if he could take singing lessons!  goodness, i am crazy about this kid! 

happy holidays and love to all! xo t

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

bridger/st. nicholas

bridger made this little get-up during st. nicholas day at school...we are all learning a lot about catholicism! xo

Monday, December 06, 2010

too good to wait...

i had to pop in and share this...we had a little photo shoot yesterday for christmas cards and this has to be one of my favorites!  xo

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Harry and Lu

B made quite the Harry.  We had so much fun this past Halloween!  Bridger made it the best one yet.  I am amazed by how much joy this little guy brings to everything...he truly makes every occasion magical...
Our Lu on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with Halloween and her bat costume.  She actually wore it for about 15 minutes.  Unfortunately, i didn't get any photos of our little bat.  You will have to settle for a few in her birthday suit...this is what a 3 month old Lu looks like...pretty yummy!
love to all!  xo t

Saturday, October 30, 2010

moving children!

guess who figured out how to put video on this blog?  you are all very get to see the babies in action and you get to hear their annoying voices trying to coax that action!  i hope you enjoy it! 

the first video is bridger walking in the halloween parade at school...i will post halloween photos later this weekend!
this one is of me attempting to get lu to may want to turn the volume down, i am talking way too much and lu isn't talking nearly enough, but there are some good smiles and wiggles!
the following 3 are of our soccer star!

ms. lui rolling over!

i hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into our lives!  much more to follow!  love to all!  xo t

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

b and lu

hello friends and family!  we are doing very well and have been busy, busy getting ready for halloween.  we actually took a walk tonight taking in all the lights and spooky decorations.  i can honestly say that this holiday is b's very favorite.  we will be sure to post photos from the big weekend.  

as you can see our babies are changing how they look and their actions.  b and lu are really and truly starting to love one another's company...
b is so taken with lui and lu gets such a kick out of her big brother.  i have started to view this sibling thing in a completely new way.  my heart bursts watching our two babies fall in love with one another.  xo t

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

our chunk of lu

this week's photos run a span of two weeks.  is it my imagination or does it look like she gained a bunch between weeks 8 and nine?  perhaps it's the sweater?  we love our chubby baby.  the other day b was playing with a friend and said "i have to go see my baby sister, she's cute and i love her."  moments such as these are what make being a parent so wonderful.  we are just so lucky.
lu at 8 weeks:

 lu at 9 weeks (look at those ginormous cheeks!).  we took these today before her doctor's appointment.  sadly, there were shots involved and yes i cried harder than she did.  she has been sleeping ever since!:

and yes those are leg warmers!  hehe!  xo t

Friday, October 01, 2010

"i want my bobs cut off."

the other day bridger expressed that he wanted his "bobs" cut.  after some confusion, we figured out he had meant to say "bob" and that a boy (obviously some kind of deviant) told him he had a bob like a girl.  soooooo....we cut off way too much of his gorgeous locks and this is what he is left with...

apparently, along with pretty hair he may have lost his ability to smile normally at the camera.  seriously, doesn't he look handsome?  i do not want to hear anything about how this cut makes him look older, i am still mourning the loss of his hair. :)