Sunday, December 19, 2010

the amazing bridger french!!

videos!!!  you know you are excited!

bridger partook in a little holiday 1k race...the furthest he has ever run.  it was absolutely miserable outside and the whole event was poorly planned, but our guy didn't care...he ran it anyway.  i am not sure who is prouder, kyle or b?
the following video is what happens when you try to shoot a video, take pictures, watch a baby, while being completely overwhelmed with joy, pride and love: a huge mess!  hopefully, you will get a kick out of it anyway.  this clip is from B's all saints' christmas pageant.  things to keep an eye out for: b playing a mean trombone and the little lady in front of B, she is a born performer!

finally, the grand finale!  all grades pre-k through forth grade came together for the final performance.  kyle did a nice job with these and he was in the perfect spot (i am thinking he may have just earned himself the job of family cinematographer).  you can tell our little guy loves to perform (make sure you keep watching even after the cast is introduced).  he asked me if he could take singing lessons!  goodness, i am crazy about this kid! 

happy holidays and love to all! xo t

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