Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Digging ourselves out...

Apologies (yet again) for slacking on the beloved blog. I promise to make more of an effort...I also have selfish reasons for this, it takes forever to upload so many photos. If I stay current then I would have far less to upload. Anyway...the French family has been all about the snow lately. This past weekend we drove to the Mt. Hood area to take Bridger sledding for the first time. We went with some friends. We didn't have much of a plan, we just got in the car in search of a not too treacherous sledding hill. We found one about one hour away. Bridger and Scout started shivering as soon as we hit the winter air. So it was a quick trip. Actually, I think we took more time bundling the little man up then we spent sledding. This first photo shows a bit of the drive to the sledding destination.
Kyle and Bridger getting ready to go for their final run. You can definitely see the flushed cheeks and pink nose. Cold bub, but he loved it!

Here is the amazing Mount Hood as we drove away from the snow hill.

After the big sledding excursion we went to Timberline lodger for lunch. Scout and Bridger loved their over-priced mac and cheese.

This is a view from Timberline Lodge. It is amazing up there! Yet another reason you will not get my husband to leave the Pacific Northwest.

Timberline Lodge. Do you recognize the area around the outside? The movie "The Shining" was shot here, the outdoor scenes anyway.

The following morning Kyle and Casey got up at the crack of dawn for a snowshoeing excursion. Casey felt like her life wasn't so terrible for once.

Then to our surprise the snow followed us home! Portland rarely gets snow, certainly not to this extent. It started yesterday morning around 6:00am. The city shut down. Schools are still closed today! Kyle even stayed home from work yesterday!
Bridger was excited to put his newfound sledding skills to the test!

Our humble abode amongst the fluffy snow.

Kyle, Casey and Bridger sledding down the street.

Bridger and mama taking a turn.

Bridger and Matthew raging in the sled.

Bridger and his buddy Donna playing in the snow.

The French family loving the snow. It made our Minnesota home not seem quite as far away.
We survived our first Portland "snowstorm." Don't worry about us, all of your limbs are still attached and I don't think Bridger's growth has been stunted too much...Love to all!!
(Oh and Kyle was the hero of the block. He brought the shovel on wheels half-way across the country and used it on all the sidewalks and driveways. Thanks dad!)