Saturday, July 14, 2007

2 for the price of 1

We missed a couple of days! Friday Bridger and I went to Oliver's 2nd Birthday party...

I bet you can't guess which part was Bridger's favorite?

Today we introduced Bridger to his new best buddy, guitar. We picked up a cheap-o one at a local toy store and he is beyond smitten. He takes it everywhere and has even made up songs, "Buddah song, "and sure to be a classic "Night song." He basically just sings the words over and over, but he came up with them on his own.

Nothing sweeter than watching the little man sing.

Daddy is sick, so Bridger gave him some lovin' in the grass. He played the guitar and sang to Kyle, while making sure their heads touched. Pretty much one of those magical hold-back-the-happy-tears-moments. We have lots of those lately.

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