Friday, September 17, 2010

our pretty fantastic little ones

i know, i know he's huge!  these photos were taken on bridger's first day of pre-k.  needless to say, he had the most wonderful day and he handled the goodbye better than i did...

he has turned into such a wonderful little man and we couldn't be prouder!

had to share this one too...bridger and casey, both smiling!

bridger has graciously decided that it would be fine if his little sister shared this blog.  we do love our lu too.  she is a good baby and has me fully believing that it is perfectly possible to love two children the exact same...huge amounts!

bridger has proven to be the world's best big brother.  he has been nothing but kind, considerate and completely loving to his "lui."  kyle and b have decided they like to call our little luella "lui" and i think that is pretty cute.  

life is completely chaotic right now and sometimes pretty hard, but we honestly couldn't be happier and will cherish each and everyone of the moments our babies continue to create...
love to all of you...i will do my best to keep this spot updated!  xo t


  1. Good work little mama. Those are cute babies!


  2. Yay! I love the idea that you are going to post on here again. You make perfect little about another;)!


  3. Nicely done! Glad to see the site up and going again! Beautiful babies :)