Monday, June 25, 2007

We started out the day at the park with Oliver and Rebekah.
As always, the swings were the favorite.

We are working on being constructive in the sand rather
than simply throwing it on other children and their not-
so-happy parents.

Bridger loves this flippin' bridge. I hate it! It is way too
high off of the ground and gives me a heart attack every
time he runs across the stupid thing.

Kyle and Bridger engaged in some very creative play
while I was away at an appointment...

Every toddler should experience life as a hunchback.

Bridger decided to give Donna a hand in the yard. He tries
to be a good neighbor.

Looking way too old and his hair is not even close to messy

Helping Donna in the flowers.

Time to run through the sprinkler! The perfect way to
cool off after heavy yard work.


  1. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Wow! A busy wonder naps are needed!

  2. wait, he's wiling to run through the sprinkler? Guess who refuses such things.