Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Being 14 1/2 months is just hard sometimes.

Welcome to Bridger's very own blog page. Since we live so far from so many friends and family members we decided to come up with a way to keep all of our loved ones in the loop! We understand that not everyone is as interested in our beloved B's day-to-day activities, so don't feel obligated to read all of the posts. But at least come back every now and again to check out the photos, Bridger eye candy is never a bad thing.

Some of you may know that the bub has been a bit under the weather, but I think it is starting to pass. He had a mysterious fever virus, then due to a loser of a nurse he had complications after a botched up catheter and then this past weekend he was diagnosed with his first double ear infection! A milestone we were not so happy to come upon. Not to mention on top of everything else he is cutting a mouth-full of teeth. He has been such such a trooper and we truly believe that he has handled all of this much better than either Kyle or myself would have.

Due to all of the ickiness Bridger and mama have been homebound. Let's just say that I am not as much fun as I thought I was. Bridger was itching to to have contact with someone other than just me. Yesterday we had a low-key get-together with a couple of his buddies. He loved it. Both of his toddler pals were running all over the place. Prompting out little guy to walk much more than usual. I think we may be on the brink of having a full-fledged walker! Finally Kyle can stop telling people he is only 11 months old! :)

I hear the little peanut stirring, will write more in future posts!


  1. Hi Traci, Kyle and Bridger......
    Just got your message announcing Bridger's Blog. Great idea!! We're glad to hear that the little guy is doing better. We're anxious to see all of you in less than a week, that is, provided you're given the go ahead from the doc.
    Take care.....Love you all!!

    Dad & Mom

  2. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Too cute!!! Sorry to hear about the ears. They can be buggers sometimes. Maybe that had something to do with the super high fever?

  3. The anonymous comment was from me. I must have forgotten to put a name in. Sorry:)!

  4. Anonymous6:23 PM

    Hi guys, great thing the blog. He is a cool little dude and we miss him---not you two, just him. Keep things coming, as i feel we will be checking it on a daily basis. Call and up date on ears etc. I think Casey was just in the redo mode.
    Love you all!
    G-Dad & G-Mom